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Sip your tea

and come travel with me

to far off lands

across the sea

Heart and Seoul is chapter one of my travel journal to Asia. Please join me on a trip through South Korea and China. I will do periodic posts on our journey which will include eight destinations, four in each country. I hope my pictures will give you a small glimpse of the beauty, culture and boundless inspiration we had the opportunity to experience while collecting my daughter and bringing her home after a year of teaching abroad in South Korea. (You can double click on the photos to enlarge.)

After 17 hours of travel this gorgeous bedding was a welcoming site at the traditional home we had rented in Seoul

and I knew waking up to this beautiful embroidered screen, that the gracious owner had explained had been a wedding present, would be a lovely way to start our days.

But too excited to sleep just yet we headed off to explore…

wandering into the neighborhood market full of everything you can imagine and more. Then, as the sun set we walked out on to the busy, neon lit streets.

The next morning we walked to the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

You can see the contrast of the traditional entrance against the modern city.

We were lucky to arrive just as the changing of the guards ceremony began.

The palace is a series of structures, one after the other.

As you enter the first you can see through to the next.

We learned the importance of each building was signified by the number of figures on the roof.

Scenic mountains filled the background.

Vibrant colors

and amazing, intricate architectural details were everywhere.

I love beautiful old doors, hardware

and architectural elements.

A pretty little boat

on a serene pond.

Some colors more muted and time worn.

Beautiful craftsmanship.

Love this photo.

A lonely heron surveying the lily pond.

Taking a dumpling break and then we will visit The Secret Garden…

Till next time. xoxo