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Now on to Part 2 of our stay in Seoul, South Korea. If you missed Part 1 you can view it here.

After a delicious dumpling lunch we walked through the park

to the Secret Garden which is located on the grounds of the

Changdeokgung Palace.

The Secret Garden is not a traditional garden in the sense one might imagine

but more of a series of structures, pavillions

and ponds designed to create harmony with the natural landscape offering places to rest

and meditate or write songs and poetry.

Even the ducks have their own little respite.

Most of the color in the garden is found in the architecture. Time worn gates

and beautifully painted ceilings.

Did I say I love old doors?

Wonderful combinations

of color and pattern.

On our way out, walking through the grounds of Changgyeonggung Palace, we were surprised to happen upon a glass paned atrium

called The Great Greenhouse built in 1909 by a French construction company.

It is filled with wild flowers, endangered and native plants.

Next we toured the Jong Myo Shrine which houses the spirit tablets of past kings and queens.

The food for the sacrificial rites was held here before the ceremonies.

The purpose of the gaps in the doors is to let the spirits come and go freely.

The darker center path is where the king walked.

The chambers are usually locked but we were lucky to find one open and view the spirit tablet on the yellow table inside.

After all that spirit business this tree kinda freaked us out!

Next we will visit a temple and the Seoul Tower…