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The rain followed us from Shanghai to Hangzhou and continued on and off.

Hangzhou is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China.

We spent little time in the modern section of the city other than visiting the silk district on Xinhua Road

where the street was lined with shop after shop of silks and other fabrics.

Our first day we strolled along the Weeping Willow lined banks of West Lake located in the historic area.

Enjoying the sights


and admiring the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon


on the Su Causeway


and the Baochu Pagoda rising in the mist.


The lake was dotted with tourist boats,

some fancier than others,

working boats

and fairy boats waiting by Lotus leaf docks.


In the evening we enjoyed a glowing and ethereal production of Impression West Lake.

The next day we ventured up a less traveled path.

First lined with small alleys and residences, then quickly turning into a thick forested area where we passed a man washing vegetables for a meal

and encountering a group of men playing cards

near a small shrine carved in the rock.

Walking further we came upon a cave

We found an entrance and descended finding a tea house

and much larger shrines all with such vibrant colors.

Our final day we visited Dragon Well tea village where Longjing green tea is grown.

We admired the simple beauty of a dried bouquet adorning weathered wood doors,

a woman doing her daily wash with Koi looking on just feet away

and a watermelon cooling in the stream.

Next we will leave the lakes of Hangzhou

and head to Xi’an. I hope you will join me there…