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This week I continued with my drawing and watercolor practice.

Sketching baby Mourning Doves, born in a planter on our balcony last week, I tried to capture their downy little bodies tucked in their nest.

I am not sure my watercolor techniques are improving but I am really enjoying experimenting and would eventually love to find a local class.

After I finished my sketch the existing adjoining page was far too vibrant for my liking so I tipped in a part of a vintage birthday card from my ephemera collection. Surprised at the striking resemblance of the pansies depicted on the card to the pansies I had painted, even down to the color and placement, I decided it was meant to be!

After attaching the card with a few strips of pale yellow Washi tape I had on my worktable I used another of my collage images adding glittery butterfly wings I found on the sidewalk and a few journal lines.

The pretty face I used is from Paper Whimsy, the epaulettes are an ornament cap flattened and cut in half. Her skirt and pompom are cut from garden catalogs and the cake dome and her party hat (an upside down wall sconce) are from a home decor magazine. I sketched her arms and legs.

I did a little research and found that free-living doves live between 7 and 11 years of age. However, banding research confirms a longevity of much longer than that. The Mourning Dove is actually one of the 10 longest lived free-living species in the Bird Banding Lab Database, holding a record of 31 years and 4 months!

I hope our sweet little Mourning Doves have many more birthdays!