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Hello, It has been a while! I took a break from blogging to take a trip around the world including getting married in Venice, Italy!

As eager as I am to share that I wanted to take care of unfinished business from our trip to South Korea and China last year first. I left off in Hangzhou, China but I think I lost control in my Asian journal back somewhere around Jeju Island.

We traveled inward from the coast to the Lintong District of Xi’an

on a quest to see the Terracotta Warriors.

Nothing could have prepared us for the complete awe we felt looking across the first pit.

The sheer number of warriors,

each so unique

and detailed,


was truly fascinating.

Next we were struck with the realization of the enormity of work involved


in carefully unearthing each fragment and fossilized relic


and reassembling


piece by piece

and restoring

this army of thousands.

It was easy to forget they were not real

as the artistry involved was amazing

and at times we felt like we were looking at a battlefield.

We knew our visit here was something we would never forget as we headed back to explore inside the walled city of Xi’an.

Xi’an is one of the most populated cities in China

which is as evident in their traffic

as the crowded pedestrian streets

Equally busy by day and any hour of the night it seemed.

We visited The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

and found a peaceful and beautiful refuge from all the noise and activity at the Great Mosque of Xi’an.

It was an experience to witness the call to prayer

as the neighborhood men filed in.

I will leave you with a favorite photo of this joyful little straggler.

I hope to see you next in our last stop on this trip, Beautiful Beijing! xoxo